Glow Wrap

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Lightweight arrow wraps available in a selection of vivid dayglow and metallic colours... so bright that they will make your arrows easier to spot in the target!

The material and it's adhesive properties were originally developed for motorsport liveries where keeping mass weight down and adhesion high are vitally important.

Alternative Glow Wraps adhere to all aluminium and carbon arrow shafts and accept fixing of all types of vane from Plastifletch to Kurly Vanes with all regular fletching adhesives.

Packet Quantity: 12 strips single colour

Strip Size: 7in x 1in


  • Dayglow Red
  • Dayglow Orange
  • Dayglow Yellow
  • Dayglow Green
  • Dayglow Pink
  • White
  • Metallic Silver
  • Metallic Gold